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Google Power Searching Tips for Students

googleGoogle is the go-to search engine for both students and librarians. But with so much information on the web, it can be difficult to navigate Google and find exactly what you are looking for. The following Google power searching tips are designed to eliminate this common difficulty and lead you to the relevant information you need.

Useful Google Search Engines for Students and Universities

o Google University Search – Google’s University Search makes it easy to find information on university sites. University Search is great for students who are looking for information about admissions, programs, libraries and alumni news.

o Google Scholar – Google Scholar is the search engine to use when looking for search2scholarly literature, including papers, abstracts and citations. The most relevant results are guaranteed to appear on the first page.

o Google News Archive Search – This Google engine makes it easy to search historical archives. You can search by keyword and select news from relevant time periods.

o Google Blog Search – This Google search engine is entirely focused on blogs. You can explore by topic, site or keyword.

o Google Book Search – When you use Google Book Search, you can search the full text of books, see a preview of a book and use links to buy or borrow books from a store of library.

o Google Video Google Video hosts the most comprehensive collection of videos on the web. You can use this engine to find everything from documentaries and TV shows to syndicated web programming and personal productions.

o Google Advanced Search – The advanced search feature of Google is a fantastic way to get precise results. You can narrow your search down by file type, date range, language and much more.

Power Searching Tutorials

o Google Power Search Tutorial – This tutorial from Google teaches you how to use the Google search engine to get the best results. The tips are brief and offer specific examples to show you what type of results you can expect based on what you type into a Google search engine.

o Google Improve Your Search Tutorial – You can learn general tips to improve your Google search when you read this Google tutorial. The tutorial offers information on how to find everything from currency conversions to dictionary definitions.

o The Essentials of Google Search – This Google tutorial offers tips to help you choose the most appropriate search terms.

o Google Guide – Google Guide is an interactive tutorial that is specifically designed to help people learn how to make the most of Google search engines. The site offers separate sections for novices, teens and experts.

o 12 Quick Tips to Search Google Like an Expert – This HubSpot tutorial is a quick read and is best suited to people who want to brush up on Google skills and learn a couple of new power searching tricks.

o 101 Google Tips, Tricks and Hacks – This TechRadar.com tutorial offers 101 proven tips for using Google. Tips are short and easy to read through and offer valuable information for Google searchers at any level.

o Advanced Scholar Search Tips – This Google tutorial teaches you how to add ‘operators’ to improve your search experience and offers tips to help you use Google Scholar to its full potential.

Videos to Help You Use Google More Efficiently

o Google Search Tutorial – This five-minute video tutorial is based on the ‘Basic Search Help’ section of Google.com. It is best suited to students and universities who are looking for basic Google search tips.

o Teach Students How to Search Google – This seven-minute video is designed for people who want to teach other people how to search Google more effectively.

o How to Search Specific Sites with Google – This three-minute video teaches viewers how to search for information on a specific website using the traditional Google search engine.

o Advanced Google Search Tips – This eight-minute PowerPoint presentation from TeacherTube video offers step-by-step instructions to using Google’s advanced search features.

o Get Your Google On – This twelve-minute video from Locker Gnome offers a great selection of advanced search tips written by Google users.

o Google Search Tips – This eight-minute YouTube video offers an interview with Google’s senior engineer, who offers genuinely helpful Google search tips.

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