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context11A new project called ContextMiner has been created by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The tool lets anyone automate the collection of links to online videos and blogs along with their extensive metadata. Although they’re calling ContextMiner a YouTube archiving tool, it doesn’t actually download the videos off the site…yet. Instead, it extracts the embed, and the provides that to you along with other details like the number of views and what sites are linking to the video.

contect1The tool, a part of the university’s NDIIPP VidArch project, is designed to be a framework that collects, analyzes, and presents contextual information along with the data it archives. To get started with ContextMiner, you create a scheduled, repeated collection activity called a “campaign.” For each campaign, you can enter in details like description and scope, then customize how often the campaign should run (daily, weekly, monthly), among other things. If you want to collect “in-links” – the web sites on the internet linking to the video in question – that is also an option. In addition to scouring YouTube, you can configure ContextMiner to search through the web and blogs, too.


 ContextMiner displays the query results in tabled records. Each record contains hyperlinks: embedded links to YouTube videos, links to blog pages and links to related Web sites.

ContextMiner does not download and archive videos or blog pages; it only links to the Web source. The developers hope to eventually offer tools and policies for exporting and sharing videos, blog pages and metadata.

More information is available at  http://www.contextminer.org/

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