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New tool for repository automation: BibApp

The BibApp is a Campus Research Gateway and Expert Finder. BibApp matches researchers on campus with their publication data and mines that data to see collaborations and to find experts in research areas. With BibApp, it’s easy to see what publications can be placed on the Web for greater access and impact. BibApp can push those publications directly into an institutional or other repository.bippapp

BibApp helps in:

  • find experts and current collaborations happening on the campus
  • promote the research of a department, school, or research group
  • increase the visibility of campus research
  • easily reuse publication data


  • Customizable faculty profiles
  • Batch-import citations
  •  Automatic rights-checking through SHERPA/RoMEO
  •  Automatic import packages for your IR
  • Third-party import and editing of citations
  •  Automatic flagging of duplicate citations on impor
  • Name disambiguation for authors that learns over time
  • Authority control for author, publisher, and journal names
  • Book cover images via Google Books
  • Redirection to licensed articles via OpenURL
  • Open Source
  • Faceted search

What are the benefits of BibApp?

For researchers:

  • Promote your research
  • Find collaborators on campus
  • Make your research more accessible
  • Reuse your publication history in other applications

For research groups, departments, and schools:

  • Promote the range of research in your unit
  • Understand the collaborations happening within your unit and others on campus
  • Make the research of your unit more accessible

For librarians:

  • Better understand research happening in your departments
  • Facilitate conversations about author rights with researchers
  • Ease the population of your institutional or other repository
  • Get a clearer picture of scholarly publishing trends on your campus

For more : http://bibapp.org/

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