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Notable Information in the Field of Library & Information Service

Swansea University’s Library and Information Sevice division peovide notable information in the field of LIS by its web site http://www.swan.ac.uk/lis/HelpAndGuides/.

It mainly provide the information in its link HelpAndGuide:

Guides for various subjects as well as statistical information, European Information, Official Publications, psychological tests, standards, patents and more… 


Literature Searching

How to find journal articles, theses, data, web sites and other information on specific subjects.

  • Handbook for Materials Postgraduates. Materials Handbook [PDF]
    This explains how to do a literature search and lists resources relevant to Materials Engineering students. It is designed to accompany courses run by LIS but can be used alone. Contact the Science & Engineering team if you have any questions about this handbook.
  • Finding Information in Chemistry. Chemistry Handbook [PDF]
    This explains how to search for information in a systematic way and lists relevant resources. It is designed to accompany LIS courses for 3rd year and postgraduate chemists but can be used alone. Contact the Science & Engineering team if you have any questions about this handbook.
  • Finding Information in Physics. Physics Handbook [PDF]
    This lists resources of relevance to students doing a physics project.
  • Keeping Your Research Up To Date. Keeping Research up to date guide [PDF]
    Describes some of the many “current awareness” and “alerting” services you can use to update a literature search and stay in touch with new information as it is published.
  • Finding Patents Information. Patents. [PDF]
    Explains what patents are and how to go about finding the ones relevant to your research.
  • Finding Standards Information. Finding Standards Information [PDF]
    Explains what standards are and how to obtain them.



Linking to LIS Resources

Explains how to provide stable links to online books and journal articles so that they can be added to your Blackboard module or web pages.

Finding DOIs for electronic journal articles

Explains how to provide unique links to electronic journal articles so they can be found in a variety of online locations.

Study Skills

A selection of books in the library on study skills, including: reading & note-taking; essay writing; bibliographies and referencing; research reports & dissertations; exam skills.

Library Jargon Explained

Confused by library jargon or abbreviations? You’ll find an explanation here:
Glossary A – L
Glossary M – Z

European Information


Official Publications


Finding and using statistics


Finding tests, scales and questionnaires for Psychology


Guides to using specific bibliographic and full-text databases. 

Guides to using PCs and essential software for email and word processing.. 

How to make proper reference to other people’s work in your essays and dissertations, and help with formatting your bibliographies. 

Includes information on how staff can register for the JISC Plagiarism Detection Service.. 

Advice and further information on supporting learning and teaching while staying within copyright law. 

A glossary of library, information and computing terms.You may also be interested in the following pages:


Library Services for Researchers

– this page brings together information relevant to the different stages of a research project. Click on a link below to find the page most likely to help you.

 Source: http://www.swan.ac.uk/lis 


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