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KETE :Open Source Digital Library and Archiving software

kete-button1.jpg Kete is purpose built software to enable communities to build their own digital libraries, archives and repositories.  Finally Web 2.0 is put into something useful!


Kete is an Open Source application writen in Ruby on Rails, released under the GPL. Initial development has been a partnership between the Horowhenua Library Trust and Katipo Communications Ltd. funded as part of the Community Partnership Fund in 2006.

  •  Kete stores, organises, indexes and retrieves all sorts of digital files including Office documents, PDF’s, images, videos, audio such as spoken word and music, website links, and html pages/text.
  • Kete encourages you to make links between different items that enable users to browse your collection. It also faciltates discussion about items and topics, so you can build understanding and foster collaboration.
  • Kete by default is open so that any member of the community can participate by adding material, or editing entries.
  • You can make some items private, and some public, and you can make some areas open to public input, and others “view only”.
  • You can collect lots of detailed information about a “thing” whether that be a person, or a document, or picture, or you can not require a lot at all.

To know more log on to: http://www.katipo.co.nz/solutions/kete.html

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