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A Free Library of Computer Science Knowledge

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The Springer Computer Science Reading Room offers you free access to books and journals in your area of interest.

Bimonthly, new content is added to the Reading Room highlighting a different subject area each month in: Artificial Intelligence • Graphics, Vision, and Imaging • Database Management • Foundations of Computing • Information Security and Cryptology • Software Engineering and Programming • Human-Computer Interaction.

In addition, all Springer Computer Science Readers are entitled to a 20% discount on all Springer books purchased on (except German language books and titles on sale).
The Springer Computer Science Reading Room
Inside the Computer Science Reading Room you will find free content from the highly respected Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series and a wide array of Springer journals. Bimonthly LNCS volumes and journals are added to the Reading Room, creating an ever-growing personal library. Best of all, you never have to return the content of this library. Using the functionality offered by SpringerLink, the content is accessible via PDF or HTML files, which you can download and print.
Read for Free: Become a Computer Science Reader

Visit (Click on the link below)

Register as a first time user or log in to your existing Springer account, using the link below.
Log in details:

First time user: click the link below. Then click on CONTINUE under the “I am a new customer” section. On the following registration page, please enter a password and user name of your choice together with your e-mail address (for our e-mail confirmation to you), then click SUBMIT and you will be taken directly to the Reading Room.

Returning user: click the link below and log in with your user name and password.

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BOSS(Bharat Operating System Solutions)

March 15, 2008 Leave a comment

 BOSS(Bharat Operating System Solutions) is a GNU/Linux distribution developed by C-DAC, Chennai for enhancing the use of Free/Open Source Software in the country. Made specifically for the Indian environment , it consists of a pleasing Desktop environment coupled with Indian language support and other packages that are most relevant for use in the government domain. Subsequent versions will support the educational domain as well.

BOSS (Bharat Operating System Solutions) is a GNU/Linux distribution developed by  C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) for enhancing the use of Free/ Open Source Software throughout India. BOSS Linux – a key deliverable of NRCFOSS is an Indian GNU/Linux distribution & currently localized to Tamil / Hindi. Targeting Indian user it is designed as a user-friendly Desktop environment coupled with Indian language support and other packages that are highly relevant for use in the government domain.Subsequent version will support the educational domain as well. The ultimate goal is to localize into all 22 official Indian regional languages. So this benefits non-english speakers to reach technology that bridge digital divide in India.

The BOSS Linux project has given rise to an Indian distribution of GNU/Linux targeted at the government and first-time user. In spite of the constraints on human resources, the team was able to build this Linux distribution in a relatively short time. As BOSS Linux is localized and uses the Indian languages, it should result in getting more local people exposed to ICT and the Internet thereby helping to bridge the digital divide. The project is ongoing and the next release of the software is currently being worked on. Further the repository for BOSS Linux will make it easier to build customized distros based on it as well as by application developers.

Mobile Web 2.0

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Near-Time has announced Connection, an extension of Near-Time’s collaboration and publishing capabilities for mobile devices and other Web platforms. The company reports Connection packages the functionality of Near-Time into a widget, providing a means to access content and interact with users associated with Near-Time spaces from smartphones, blogs or personalized homepage portals such as iGoogle.Near-Time Connection is free to Near-Time users.hosted.jpgwebworld.jpgThe company claims Connection gives users an interactive platform that lets them stay connected to their Near-Time community no matter how they choose to view their content. The authoring environment, similar to that of Near-Time’s desktop offerings, enables users to remain active in their communities when on the road or using a homepage portal. Users can embed other Near-Time Widgets, such as those for Youtube or Surveygizmo, tag interesting content for better search capabilities and follow comment summaries, threads and Near-Time picks.

Indian :Comprehensive Collection of Multi-Disciplinary Indian Journals and Research Publications

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ij_logo.gif is an effort of DIVAN ENTERPRISES to provide single platform to Indian Journals and highlight Indian contributions internationally.

  • Provides Single Window access to Indian journals
  • Assists in online conversion
  • Provides a uniform internationally accepted platform
  • Search Options
  • International Promotion and Distribution facility
  • Transparent Revenue sharing Module
  • Opportunity to know more about Indian contributions in diversified fields


  • Single Window Access to Multidisciplinary Journals
  • Full text accessible in XML and PDF formats
  • Fully searchable – Multi-Disciplinary / Multi Journals
  • Back File Access (Digital Archive)
  • Table of Contents Alerts
  • Personalized search alerts
  • Roaming access
  • Article Pay Per View
  • Online First
  • Online Subscription Management Facility
  • Direct Linking from Associates’ Websites

The journal list can be brows able under:

·         All publications

·         Open Access publications only

·         Subscribed publications only

·         Subscribed and Open Access publications only

The journal can be getting by:

*       Subscribed

*       Free full-text

*       Paid/Non-Subscribed

For more visit:

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Enterprise 2.0: Livelink ECM – Extended Collaboration

March 5, 2008 Leave a comment

As part of its new Web 2.0 strategy, Open Text has introduced Enterprise 2.0: Livelink ECM – Extended Collaboration, which is designed to give customers a set of communities, social computing and real-time collaboration tools in Livelink ECM.

Open Text says Livelink ECM – Extended Collaboration connects people, processes and content across an organization, creating a work environment where employees can circulate ideas, experiences and knowledge in real time. The solution combines a knowledge repository with project workspaces, polls, news channels, tasks and milestones. A set of community applications brings specialized, enterprise-ready tools, such as forums, blogs, Wikis and real-time collaboration, along with newsletter views, FAQs and event calendars to promote shared expertise and best practices. 

The company adds that these collaborative and community-oriented tools co-exist with content in an intuitive environment that encourages people to work together, while capturing important project information in an underlying ECM framework. Security, access control and retention policies are strictly enforced using the native security mechanisms already in place, without adding another administrative layer. Further, says Open Text, workers can quickly and securely form cross-functional project teams, capture shared knowledge, manage processes and meet project deadlines even across geographic and departmental boundaries.

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KETE :Open Source Digital Library and Archiving software

March 4, 2008 Leave a comment

kete-button1.jpg Kete is purpose built software to enable communities to build their own digital libraries, archives and repositories.  Finally Web 2.0 is put into something useful!


Kete is an Open Source application writen in Ruby on Rails, released under the GPL. Initial development has been a partnership between the Horowhenua Library Trust and Katipo Communications Ltd. funded as part of the Community Partnership Fund in 2006.

  •  Kete stores, organises, indexes and retrieves all sorts of digital files including Office documents, PDF’s, images, videos, audio such as spoken word and music, website links, and html pages/text.
  • Kete encourages you to make links between different items that enable users to browse your collection. It also faciltates discussion about items and topics, so you can build understanding and foster collaboration.
  • Kete by default is open so that any member of the community can participate by adding material, or editing entries.
  • You can make some items private, and some public, and you can make some areas open to public input, and others “view only”.
  • You can collect lots of detailed information about a “thing” whether that be a person, or a document, or picture, or you can not require a lot at all.

To know more log on to:

Women 2.0 Summit on March 10, 2008.

March 3, 2008 Leave a comment


International Women’s Day celebrates the progress women have made economically, socially and politically. In the honour of International Women’s day, the SmartTechie is organizing an exclusive forum for women technology professionals: Women 2.0 Summit on March 10, 2008.

Whether you want to enhance the talent of female managers in your organisation or want to develop your own career, the SmartTechie Women 2.0 Summit focuses on how to reach the next level. You will discover how to channel your expertise and creativity into an effective leadership style that delivers results and allows you to stand out from the crowd. This unique one-day Summit provides a platform for like-minded women to learn, develop, connect, and network so that you can harness your inner qualities and bring out the best in you as an effective and authentic leader.  

At this summit, nearly 1000 women technology professionals will come together to celebrate the great strides women are making in their companies and in the business world. It’s obvious that diversity has an enormous, tangible meaning. Highly successful professional women from the technology industry will share their knowledge, experiences and insights to help empower more women to achieve their goals. At the Summit, there would be four panel discussions on: Ascending the Corporate Ladder, The Lady Entrepreneur, The NextGen Developers, The Intrapreneurs. This exciting summit will consist of lectures, skill building exercises, and group discussions. Highly interactive and engaging, we assure you that the one-day summit will be useful, insightful and lots of fun too.  

More and more women are taking on leadership roles. To prepare yourself to take your place at the executive table, it is crucial that you identify the need to shift your mindset so that you can be a powerful and effective leader be it in the work environment, social setting, or at home. 

Attendees: Woman professionals (mid and senior level) from over 1000+ technology companies in Bangalore.

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